The Local Business Environment and Decentralised Cooperation

Last February, the coalition of local and regional governments 'PLATFORMA' published the article entitled 'Local Business Environment and Decentralized Cooperation'. The research, written by Simon White, has two main objectives: First, to demonstrate that it is necessary to boost the growth and development of the capacity of local and regional government authorities, as well as promoting decentralization reforms in order to achieve an improvement in the Local Business Environment (EEL). Likewise, the second objective is exposing the contribution of decentralized cooperation in these reforms and in the progress of the EEL. This study develops, then, an analysis of the role of local and regional governments in Local Economic Development (LED), highlighting their influence in the field of small business development, and in the attraction of investments. Additionally, it explains nine types of EEL reforms, dividing them into three categories according to the level in charge of carrying them out: reforms implemented by the European Union institutions, by central government or by local and regional governments. We invite you to discover this research in the following link.

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